Trend Micro’s Virtual Network Function Suite Becomes the First …

Micro Incorporated
; TSE:
), a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, announced that
Trend Micro™ Virtual Network Function Suite (VNFS), its network function
virtualization (NFV) solution, has received Huawei Technology
and become the first NFV solution compatible with
Huawei CloudMSE. With extensive third-party compatibility, Trend Micro’s
VNFS demonstrates continuous strides towards the virtualization of
physical networks and the transformation to NFV-powered ecosystems. This
collaboration will enable communications service providers (CSPs) to
provide more effective and agile security for businesses and individuals
as the momentum of NFV migration in the telecom industry continues.

Huawei CloudMSE is a capability operation center of carrier networks and
performs atomic-level orchestration on value-added service capabilities
and network infrastructure capabilities, thereby providing capability
operation transformation for CSPs. It flexibly schedules and optimizes
networks to adapt to OTT requirements and provide innovative services
with various functions. Trend Micro’s VNFS is one of the innovative
services that will benefit CSPs with the CloudMSE solution. Trend Micro
and Huawei’s partnership dates back to 2011 with Trend Micro’s InterScan
Web Security Appliance (IWSVA).

“We are happy with our decision to partner with Trend Micro, which will
help address a critical need for our customers by enabling them to
seamlessly implement security capabilities for their virtualized
infrastructure. Huawei is very pleased to see Trend Micro receive Huawei
Technology Certification for CloudMSE, which recognizes the product’s
scalability and performance as a support system solution against
security threats and intrusions,” said Qingbin Chen, Integration
Cooperation Business Director of CloudEdge.

While NFV architectures provide innumerable benefits to both businesses
and consumers, and are recognized as a keystone of next-generation
networks, they also present an array of unique challenges regarding how
to design and implement effective security measures due to their
inherently dynamic nature. Nowadays, CSPs need to adapt to new
technologies and standards while adopting diversified network traffic
types to deal with dramatic increases in data traffic volume. The rising
demand for defense strategies against countering continuous network
cyber attacks, and the associated need for advanced security threat
handling systems, and support systems will result in additional burdens
for Enterprise users.

Trend Micro’s VNFS is designed to offer flexible, reliable,
high-performance network security functions to provide threat defense
and enable more effective, faster protection. It is natively crafted and
optimized for the NFV infrastructure, and deploys the Data Plane
Development Kit for fast packet processing, as well as featuring
advanced security threat technologies which provide greater and more
cost-efficient enhancements. Furthermore, VNFS scans network traffic and
performs designated inspection functions, such as intrusion prevention,
URL filtering, and application control.

In the face of existing and emerging threats, high quality global threat
intelligence is vital. Trend Micro’s solutions enable CSPs to offer
business and individuals an effective, high-performance and
comprehensive means to deliver critical network security protections and

“In the new NFV era, IT virtualization technologies provide CSPs with
further opportunities to engage with trusted partners as they fortify
security of diverse IoT applications for consumers, businesses, and
governments against security threats,” says Dr. Terence Liu, vice
president of Network Threat Defense Technology Group at Trend Micro.
“Each CSP must carefully select a suitable security solution provider.
An effective IoT security solution should adapt to the dynamic NFV
environment to achieve the best return on investment. Trend Micro
Virtual Network Function Suite has a native design optimized for NFV
infrastructure that works closely with other NFV components to provide
elasticity and the most efficient responses for CSPs.”

As the IoT ecosystem becomes more complex and interconnected, such as
with the proliferation of IoT networking between connected cars, smart
cities and home automation devices, the continual exchange of data
between CSPs and IoT applications will become increasingly necessary,
and the integration of IoT security increasingly critical. Trend Micro’s
IoT security solutions are applicable and adaptive to unique
computational requirements, communication protocols, and architectures,
allowing them to bolster secure connectivity across a broad range of
networks. The company’s security intelligence, rich experience, and
proven technology makes VNFS the clear choice for CSPs to achieve the
best return of investment for IoT vendors and users and deliver
highly effective and agile security protection in the carrier-grade NFV

About Trend Micro

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions,
helps to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Our
innovative solutions for consumers, businesses, and governments provide
layered security for data centers, cloud environments, networks, and
endpoints. All our products work together to seamlessly share threat
intelligence and provide a connected threat defense with centralized
visibility and control, enabling better, faster protection. With more
than 5,000 employees in over 50 countries and the world’s most advanced
global threat intelligence, Trend Micro enables organizations to secure
their journey to the cloud. For more information, visit

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Arrow ECS renews EMEA contract with Symantec after Blue Coat add-on

Arrow Electronics has renewed its contact as an EMEA distributor for Symantec.

The deal consolidates two prior partnerships: a renewal with Symantec, and another deal with Blue Coat, which Symantec acquired in 2016.

The new contract covers Czech Republic, DACH, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Spain and the UK and Ireland.

“Key to the close cooperation with Arrow is the diversity of Arrow’s value-added services including innovative training sessions as an authorised ‘ATC’ training partner, proof-of-concept services and product testing capabilities, pre and post-sales services and know-how transfer,” said Symantec vice president of channels for EMEA Dominique Loiselet.

California-based Symantec calls itself the world’s largest provider of cyber security solutions, with a headcount of 11,000 employees in more than 35 countries.

Its distie of choice, Colorado-based Arrow Electronics, lists 883 manufacturers in its portfolio offering including Intel, Panasonic, Toshiba and Corsair.

“Following the acquisition of Blue Coat, Symantec offers a unique and extensive portfolio of IT security solutions and services, providing comprehensive security for the infrastructure and data of companies, organisations and private users,” said Arrow’s senior director and head of networking and security for EMEA Nick Bannister.

“We have been working with Symantec for 13 years and our dedicated Symantec product teams are best placed to pass on their knowledge and expertise around its solutions benefits to our customers in any matter relating to security.”

Symantec claims it made $1.1bn in sales in its last quarter, and has gone on an upscaling shopping spree in recent years, acquiring LifeLock for $2.3bn (€1.92 bn), and Blue Coat for $4.65bn in 2016.

However, throughout 2017, it repeatedly hit the headlines with an ongoing trust-eroding Google and Mozilla dispute.

Both companies complained about the quality of Symantec’s digital certificates, which browsers use to verify that websites are secure.

Last week, Google publicly denounced Symantec, confirming to webmasters that it will be “distrusting” any security certificates issued by Symantec, starting with Chrome 66.

Symantec recently announced plans to offload its digital certificates business to DigiCert for $950m in cash and 30 per cent equity. Symantec had snapped up the business unit in 2010 for $1.28bn from Verisign.


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‘Most dangerous’ celebrities to search for online, according to McAfee – WGN

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